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Redcap&Truss is a corporate finance and business advisory firm that specializes in advising entrepreneurs with the sale of their business or with the growth of their business through mergers and acquisitions.

Our clients recognize us for providing high-touch service and a dedication to tailored, process driven solutions for our clients. Additionally, we provide deep business knowledge and an entrepreneurial approach that ensures our clients’ ideal outcomes and protects their best interests.

Whether you’re buying a business, selling a business, or seeking guidance as you navigate specific business challenges, Redcap&Truss is proud to offer the unparalleled expertise of our corporate finance consultants to assist with:

  • Maximizing your success through sustainable marketing strategies.
  • Identifying the right time to sell or buy.
  • Completing a valuation analysis of your business to determine an approximate sale price.
  • Preparing the marketing and due diligence materials.
  • Facilitating employee or management buyouts.
  • Sourcing purchasers and conducting due-diligence checks.
  • Negotiating deal terms and the sales and purchasing agreements.
  • And more!

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our business advisory experience, and our facilitation of mergers & acquisitions across Calgary and Western Canada.

Why Choose Redcap&Truss?

The name Redcap&Truss is inspired by the late 19th-century Red Cap baggage porters in New York’s Grand Central Station. Similarly to porters, we carry each corporate sales process from start to finish, while building a bridge (Truss) between buyer and seller.

The M&A market has exploded worldwide thanks to increased availability of capital and heightened growth ambitions, and this trajectory isn’t expected to slow down any time soon! This said, whether a partial sale, full divestiture, or expansion of services, mergers and acquisitions can be complex transactions, particularly if you don’t have the right guidance to lead you through the process.

Let the Redcap&Truss show you how we can make your buying or selling journey infinitely more seamless, while ensuring that you get the maximum value from each deal and remain on the path towards your long-term strategic goals. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are proud to offer our full scope of business advisory services to medium-sized businesses across Western Canada.

About Us

We are a group of investment bankers and entrepreneurs with diverse corporate finance experience as both advisors and business owners. We provide clients with a level of expertise unmatched in the mid-market advisory services industry. Put simply, our depth of experience gives our clients peace of mind as they navigate some of their most important business decisions.

Patrick Allan - Partner at Redcap&Truss

Patrick Allan

A native of rural Saskatchewan, Patrick started his career farming alongside his father.  After completing his MBA at the University of Calgary, Patrick worked for CIBC World Markets and GMP Securities LP advising on over $3 billion worth of M&A transactions.

Chris Beaton

Chris has spent over 20 years advising clients on corporate strategy, capital raising and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to founding Redcap&Truss, Chris worked in the strategy group of Deloitte Consulting and spent seven years at CIBC Capital Markets where his last assignment was leading the Investment Banking coverage of the oil field services sector.


  • “We built Blue Sky with the aim to sell it in three to five years. When we received an unsolicited proposal from another party, Chris and his team worked to ensure we canvassed the market for other suitors and negotiate a very attractive deal for our shareholders. Always happy to recommend Redcap&Truss to our friends.”
    Blue Sky Distributing Ltd.​
    Derek Loomis, Owner, Blue Sky Distributing Ltd.​
  • "The Redcap guys gave me honest and direct advice all the way through the process and always presented multiple options to consider to aid in my decision making. I am now set up for my next entrepreneurial venture – thanks guys!"
    Empower Construction Group Inc.
    Casey Merrills, Owner, Empower Construction Group Inc.
  • “Working side-by-side with Patrick and Chris throughout the process for me and our team was easy. Trust and reliability are huge when working with advisors and both of these attributes were exceptional as we navigated the negotiation and sale process. We highly recommend Redcap&Truss as valued partners and advisors.“
    Whissell Contracting Ltd.
    Gary Yamada, Chief Financial Officer, Whissell Contracting Ltd.
  • “Chris and Patrick were truly trusted advisors. They quarterbacked all the various steps of our transaction, gave me their honest feedback and grinded through to closing. Really appreciate what the guys did for Eclipse and I’m very thankful we found a great partner in Steelhaus!”
    Eclipse Downhole Solutions
    Nathan Jones, Owner, Eclipse Downhole Solutions
  • “I would like to say many many thanks for what you guys did for us and our business Barrow Safety.  You guys both deliver a great service and great advice. I do not think this transaction would have went nearly as smooth as it did without you guys.“
    Barrow Safety Service Inc.
    Glen Barrow, Owner, Barrow Safety Services Inc.
  • “The Redcap&Truss team helped us take this deal from concept to closing.  There are lots of emotions that come with trying to get a deal done and the Redcap&Truss guys helped us every step of the way.“
    Westbloom Inc.
    Westbloom Ownership
  • “After meeting with Redcap&Truss for the first time in June, they immediately identified options that could help us take our company to the next level. I am incredibly excited about the future of First Pass and Whipcord. Together, we have the opportunity to create value for agriculture stakeholders with new digital products.“
    First Pass Technologies
    Matt Coutts, CEO, First Pass Technologies
  • “As Excel was growing, it became evident that we required a strategic partner to assist in the continued growth of the Company.  Redcap&Truss identified UIG, as a strategic partner that would provide us with additional expertise in the construction industry while enabling us to continue to grow our business.”
    Excel Projects
    JD Kehler, shareholder of Excel Projects Ltd.
  • “When we were having preliminary discussions with Big Bore, we had a general sense of what a fair deal would look like from a money perspective.  The guys at Redcap&Truss confirmed our initial thinking, but also brought to the table some creative ideas on the other non-financial deal terms that we were not as familiar with. They did a great job in a short amount of time and negotiated a great deal for all sides .”
    Big Stone Boring
    Michael Dorsett, shareholder of Big Stone Boring Ltd.
  • “I initially met Redcap&Truss at the end of 2012. At that time they advised me to continue to grow my business as they thought it was too early to sell it.  By the summer of 2014, we engaged them and they thoroughly managed the sales process through the end of 2014 ensuring that our business was sold just prior to the downturn in 2015.”
    Glacier Ridge Ventures
    Craig Heitrich, majority shareholder of Glacier Ridge Ventures Ltd.
  • “Patrick and Chris were valuable resources as we refined our business plan and sought out equity partners. We continue to lean on their expertise as we develop and grow our business.”
    Hanson Lake Sands
    Kyle Holmes, Strongpine Energy Services
  • “I didn’t want to shop around and knew I wanted to sell my business to CEDA.  However, I wanted to make sure I was getting a fair deal, not only on the sale of my equipment, but also as it related to my future employment.  Redcap&Truss walked me through what a fair deal would look like and negotiated all the key deal terms that worked for both CEDA and I. The guys were always available for a late-night chat and were patient with any questions I had throughout the process."
    Breakthrough Oilfield Services
    Derek Loomis, majority shareholder of Breakthrough Oilfield Services Ltd.
  • “Chris and Patrick did a fantastic job of guiding our shareholder group on how to sell our business. They handled all the little details, set up a process that gave us piece of mind that we were getting a fair price for our business and gave us no nonsense and honest answers to all our questions. We are extremely pleased to have hired the Redcap&Truss team.”
    TH Vac
    Tim Harris, majority shareholder of TH Vac
  • “We had a unique process where we almost sold to one group, realized it wasn’t the right party or time, continued to run our business and eventually sold to CEDA two years later.  The Redcap&Truss guys worked with us all through that time, continued to monitor the market and narrowed the list of potential buyers until we were satisfied that CEDA was the right fit. The guys took care of managing all the paper work and I was able to manage and continue to grow my business during the entire process.”
    Joe Loomis Trucking
    Joe Loomis, majority shareholder of Joe Loomis Trucking Ltd.

What We Do

As a corporate finance and business advisory firm, Recap&Truss provides business
owners a full range of transactional and advisory services including:

Selling your Business

You have invested your life into your business and now its time to harvest the rewards.  Our goal is to achieve an outcome that meets your corporate and family objectives.

Buying a Business

It’s time for growth. The question is how to make that happen sustainably and to your advantage. A successful acquisition requires significant strategic planning preparation, market insight and process expertise to navigate the many challenges that can arise in a competitive marketplace.

Business Advisory Services

In addition to providing buy and sell side advice, we also offer general business advice in areas such as market readiness, finance structuring, succession planning, business valuation, and more.

Transaction Experience

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Share your business goals with us, and the let Redcap&Truss team of strategic business advisors help you get there. Tailored guidance for sustainable business growth; reach out to us today!