Selling your business

Selling Your Business


Selling Your Business

You have invested your life into your business and now its time to harvest the rewards.  If you’re selling your business, it’s our goal to achieve an outcome for you that meets your corporate and family objectives.

Our expertise and experience on both the seller and purchaser side of transactions will help guide you through this critical junction in your business’ history.  By working together with successful business owners, we are able to tailor each step in the sales process to the specific requirements of each client. We sweat the details and walk with you through every step of a transaction from start to finish and ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your exit strategy when the time is right.

So how do we do it? When selling your business, every transaction is unique, but generally after a comprehensive review of your business, we will suggest a marketing plan that ensures the appropriate buyers are contacted with a level of discretion that minimizes business disruption. We create the marketing materials and prepare the diligence package that allow buyers to adequately assess the future prospects of your business. We then solicit and present offers with a critical assessment of each proposal.  After you choose the path you would like to pursue, we work with your legal advisors to quickly complete the transaction paper work and create a plan for a successful transition.

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