Oil Field Services


Oil Field Services

Oil Field Services (commonly referred to as OFS) encompasses all the products and services associated with oil and gas exploration and production. Generally, these companies are engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, construction, repair, and maintenance of the equipment used in oil and gas extraction and transportation.

Oil Field Services is a very broad industry and includes commonly known services such as seismic, drilling, and pressure pumping (hydraulic fracturing), but also includes less well-known services such as hydro-vac, coiled tubing, cementing, pressure testing, compression repair and rental, and horizontal drilling (HDD) just to name a few.

With offices in both Calgary AB and Houston TX, we operate in the operational centers of the oil and gas industry.  We know the buyers who are looking for oil field companies to acquire and the companies that may be looking to partner, merge or sell.

Call us to explore how we can help you with your company sale or acquisition.


Initial Assessment and Valuation

We sit down with each entrepreneur to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their business and provide them with a critical assessment of what their business is worth.

Marketing Strategy

We maintain a proprietary database of potential buyers (both strategic and private equity) and we craft our marketing documents (teaser, management presentation, confidential information memorandum) to each specific audience.

Buyer Identification and Approach

We work with an entrepreneur to identify and approach only those parties with the highest likelihood of transacting all while putting in place a structure that maintains the highest level of confidentiality.

Deal Negotiations

Our proven approach has us leading all negotiation discussions based on the parameters an entrepreneur provides which helps reduce the emotion in the discussions, lowers legal and other transaction costs, and leads to a stronger deal and higher likelihood of completion.

Transaction Completion

We quarterback all the paper work (the “definitive documentation” in legal terms) and make sure all facets of closing are taken care of.

Post Closing Follow-Up

Often overlooked by other advisors, but we stay in close contact post closing to make sure that any remaining obligations are considered and taken care of and any lingering questions or concerns are addressed.