Redcap&Truss Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor to Whipcord

Redcap&Truss acted as exclusive financial advisor to Whipcord Ltd. (“Whipcord”) on its business combination with Canada 15Edge Data Centers Inc. (“C15”)

Together, the strategic combination of these two companies allows further enhancement of their service offerings. Further, this business combination offers clients the benefit of cross-country network access, while ensuring that clients’ data securely resides in Canada. The combined company will operate as Whipcord Edge Data Centers Inc.

Redcap&Truss acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Whipcord and facilitated the business combination by:

  • Developing a go-to-market strategy, creating the marketing plan/materials, then identifying and approaching prospective buyers and partners (both strategic and financial partners)
  • Negotiating letters of intent with multiple counterparties, ultimately advising Whipcord to proceed with a business combination with C15
  • Working with all parties and their counsel on drafting and negotiation of the final form of definitive documentation with C15

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